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Bauzaun Sicherung, Bauzaun Stütze, Bodenbefestigung, Erdägelchen, Erdanker für Straßenbauzubehör, Erdnagelsschmiede, Erdschraube, Erdschrauben, Gerüstbefestigung, Hering, Markierungseisen, Schnuranker, Schnureisen, Schnurpfahl, Schnurpflock, Windschutz, Zelthering, Zeltnagel -

Site fences, especially those with a tarpaulin, have a large area exposed to the wind and must be secured against flying away. We offer various options for securing construction fences and festival accessories.

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Bohrfundament, Bohrfundamente, Erdschraubanker, Erdschraube, Erdschraube für Sonnenschirm, Erdschrauben, Schraubfundamente -

Our shop is slowly filling up more and more and again there is a new category in our shop called screw foundations or drilled foundations, earth screws and earth screw anchors. They are very large, made of sheet steel and hot-dip galvanized screws that are screwed into the ground like a screw with a lever. Depending on the application, different lengths, diameters and head mounts are available. There are screw foundations with U-profiles for accommodating beams and girders, with round receptacles for round tubes, plates and nuts for attaching plates or eyebolts. We currently offer you sizes that can still...

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