In order to be able to answer your questions around the clock, we have collected the most important questions for you here and of course also answered them. If you still have questions about our products, please contact us using the known contact details - we are at your disposal and would be happy to expand the list of questions.

  • Why are ground anchors usually not protected against rust?

Ground pegs get a rougher surface when they start to rust. The rougher the surface of the drop-in anchor, the more tensile stress the ground anchor can withstand.

  • Doesn't a peg rust through at some point or does it even dissolve completely?

Yes, at some point in many years a ground anchor has decomposed to such an extent that it can no longer absorb any forces. It takes a while for this to happen, however, because the top layer of rust also protects the nail somewhat. The thicker the ground anchor, the longer the metal will retain its strength.

  • What are the advantages of galvanized ground nails?

Some customers always order galvanized ground anchors from us and we have often asked ourselves why. The fire brigade has basic equipment that also includes pegs. According to the regulations, the pegs must be galvanized. Another reason why customers order galvanized anchors is the look and of course that they have a longer service life.

  • Can private individuals also order ground nails and nail accessories from us?

Yes, you can order all items offered in the shop as a private individual in small or large quantities. If you have ordered more than 60 kg, please provide your telephone number where you can best be reached. The shipping company will then contact you before delivery and make an appointment with you for delivery. Please understand that a second delivery may incur a surcharge if you cannot accept the goods upon the first delivery.

  • What do we ship with?

We work with various freight forwarders and parcel service providers, depending on where the package with ground anchors should go and what the weight of the package is. The packages are usually sent by DHL or DPD. Goods with a value of more than 60 kg will be handed over to a forwarding agent.

  • What is the best way to pay?

We offer you a wide range of payment options: You can pay in cash when you pick up your ground anchor and receive a 2% discount on the value of the goods. If you pay in advance by bank transfer to our account, we will also give you a 2% discount. If you want fast shipping, we recommend paying via Paypal, Google Pay or Shop Pay. Here your payment reaches us the fastest and we ship promptly.