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Bauzaun Sicherung, Bauzaun Stütze, Bodenbefestigung, Erdägelchen, Erdanker für Straßenbauzubehör, Erdnagelsschmiede, Erdschraube, Erdschrauben, Gerüstbefestigung, Hering, Markierungseisen, Schnuranker, Schnureisen, Schnurpfahl, Schnurpflock, Windschutz, Zelthering, Zeltnagel -

Site fences, especially those with a tarpaulin, have a large area exposed to the wind and must be secured against flying away. We offer various options for securing construction fences and festival accessories.

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2021, Ankerplatte, Bohrfundament, Erdanker für Straßenbauzubehör, Erdanker für Zelte, Erdnagelsschmiede, Jahresbeginn 2021, neue Produkte 2021, Schnurpinne -

We wish all our customers a good start into a hopefully more normal year 2021, in which festivals and events can and may take place again. Of course, we supply many companies with our ground pegs and accessories that can continue to work even without Corona. This includes civil engineering and road construction, garden centers but also building yards, the THW and fire brigade but also private customers who want to securely attach their garden fence or slackline. But we are also happy if it can continue soon and we can supply tent rental companies and landlords of festival and...

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