What happens to my tip?

What happens to my tip?

Have you already discovered the "tip" option during the payment process in our online shop?

Today we will clarify the question of where this money goes.

We have been supporting Doctors Without Borders for many years and you can now easily make a contribution using the “Tip” function.

The donation is passed on in full to Doctors Without Borders eV and we round up the amount at the end of the year. Doctors Without Borders is a private aid organization that provides emergency medical aid in crisis and war zones. The organization operates various medical aid projects in more than 70 countries, but the further training of employees in the respective regions also plays a central role. For example, since 2015, Doctors Without Borders has been involved in sea rescue in the Mediterranean. Since the crossing is very dangerous for refugees and migrants, medical care is often urgently needed after the rescue.

Further information and projects of the organization can be found at www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.de.