Sledgehammers and their uses

Sledgehammers and their uses

Each of you has probably held a hammer in your hand - whether you want to hang up a picture or drive a nail into a board.

Sledgehammers, on the other hand, have been made for other functional areas. Due to its significantly longer handle and the larger lever, as well as the heavy head, pegs, for example, can be driven into the ground with comparatively little force.

In the construction industry, sledgehammers are also used for small demolition jobs. In the trade, these hammers are mainly used in blacksmith shops.

A motor hammer is often used for larger projects in which many pegs are hammered in. However, if there is no electricity on site, this option is not available. Even with small projects, such as a slackline that is to be stretched between two pegs in the garden, a sledgehammer is completely sufficient.

Hammers with a head weight of 3 kg to 5 kg are sufficient for driving in small pegs (up to 25mm in diameter) and pegs.

From 25 mm we recommend hammers from 5 kg to 8 kg.

If pegs are 35mm or larger in diameter then 8kg or 10kg sledgehammers are suitable.

If the ground is harder, it makes sense to use a heavier hammer.

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