The origin of our products

Bodenanker made in Germany, Made in Germany, Zeltnägel hergestellt in Deutschland -

The origin of our products

Many customers ask us where our forged ground nails or ground anchors come from. We would be happy to give you a little insight into our production sites.

Some of the products offered in our shop come from our production facility in Eibelstadt near Würzburg. These include, for example, the construction steel pegs, all metal sheets and anchor plates, as well as the tarpaulins (water tank covers and tarpaulins). The forged ground anchors are manufactured in Germany and sold by us in small to large quantities to end customers as well as tent construction companies and other partners. We source our ground screws from a European manufacturer, which gives us fast delivery times and good quality control. A small part, which also affects the weight, comes from the Far East. This usually includes pegs made of plastic or metal.

The short distances and fast delivery times, but also the possibility of being able to process custom-made products quickly and inexpensively, are the great advantages of production from Germany. We would be happy to inspire and supply you with our ground anchors and ground nails.

To give you a brief overview, we have included the "Made in Germany" logo at the beginning of the item description for all products manufactured in Germany.