Sledgehammer with ash handle

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This high-quality sledgehammer is made in Germany and is available in different sizes. The ash handle is made with longitudinal fibers, which makes it particularly robust and durable. The hammer is suitable for various jobs, including driving in pegs.

The following sizes are available in our shop:

head weight 3.0 kg; Total weight: 3.4 kg; stem length; 60cm

head weight 4.0 kg; Total weight: 4.5kg; stem length; 70cm

head weight 5.0 kg; Total weight: 5.8 kg; stem length; 80cm

head weight 6.0 kg; Total weight: 6.8 kg; stem length; 80cm

head weight 8.0 kg; Total weight: 8.9 kg; stem length; 90cm

head weight 10.0 kg; Total weight: 10.9 kg; stem length; 90cm