Tension belt with ratchet, with loops on both sides

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Delivery time: 3 – 5 days* Tension belt for circus tents made in Germany

Our high-quality tension belts have been developed for permanent use in the event and circus area. The lashing straps have reinforced loops on both sides, one side is attached to the ground anchor, the other to the eyelet of the tent or the stage roof, etc. The self-tightening knot means that the lashing strap always locks firmly to the ground peg.

Of course, the tension belt can also be used to fix pasture fences and pasture roofs, scaffolding, beams, etc.

The loose part has a total length of 5.50m, the ratchet piece approx. 0.70m in total. The lever has a red handle, which makes it easier to tighten the tension belt. The tension belt has a load capacity of 2500 kg and is of proven quality "Made in Germany".