Set with two slackline or wire rope stands

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Delivery time: 3 – 5 days* Slackline stand made in Germany

Height-adjustable and stable slackline and wire rope stands for (small) artists in the garden, during training in the children's circus, but also in the free time for youth and sports clubs. The height of the slackline straps can be adjusted according to the age and abilities of the user thanks to the various slots. The slackline straps can be attached at 53cm, 68cm and 83cm, the wire rope with the help of 2 ring nuts at 61cm and 72cm. The weatherproof glued 27mm thick screen printing plates are suitable for long-term use in gyms, a circus tent but also variety shows.

Of course, the slackline and rope system should also be used outdoors, but the wood should not be permanently exposed to rain. The supplied underlay boards should be used to prevent sinking into the ground and to distribute the load.