Tarpaulin rope for party and festival tents

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In order to be able to pull the roof tarpaulins into the marquee, tarpaulin pull-in ropes are required. Two of these ropes are thrown over the tent poles and the carabiners are hooked into the eyelets of the tarpaulin. After attaching a third rope, which is needed again to pull back the two ropes in order to pull in the next tarpaulin, the tarpaulin is completely pulled in evenly with jerky movements.

With the third rope, both ropes can now be pulled back and the next tarpaulin can be drawn in. This saves throwing the ropes over the marquee frame again and thus saves a lot of time.

A stainless steel carabiner is spliced ​​into both ends to connect the rope to the roof tarpaulin D-ring. Even when stored in a damp place, the carabiner cannot leave any rust spots on the tarpaulin.

The 10mm and 12mm ropes are made from fine PP multifilament ropes, which is very skin-friendly even when pulling without gloves.

The 16mm rope is made of PP split fibers and has a rough surface for a good grip when pulling.

Depending on the size of the tent, we offer different lengths and diameters of the ropes. In order to choose the right length for each tent, we have chosen three different colors:

- Blue ropes (D= 10mm) have a length of 14m and are suitable for tents with a span of up to 8m and a side height of 3.00m

- Black ropes (D= 12mm) have a length of 16m and are suitable for tents with a span of up to 10m and a side height of 3.00m

- We use orange ropes (D= 16mm) for spans over 10m span, we can supply you with special lengths at any time. Please send an inquiry via the contact form.