Perforated sheet metal with 45 degree angle for ground anchors

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The perforated sheets measuring 600 x 10 x 70 mm are laser cut from sheet steel and hot-dip galvanized to prevent rust. In contrast to the normal perforated plates, the steel plate is bent by 45 degrees on the rounded side between the first and second hole. This makes it easy to attach shackles, carabiners and ropes. In order to avoid tearing out the holes, we made the distributor plate with a thickness of 10mm.

In addition to anchors with a diameter of 25mm, the holes are also suitable for anchors with a diameter of 30mm if a larger load is to be absorbed.

If you want to absorb larger loads, we recommend several anchor plates, which are arranged in a fan shape around the rounded side. There, all the metal sheets, into which a tent nail is hammered, are brought together with a 6.5 t shackle. In itself, the rule of thumb is simple: the more ground anchors are hammered in, the more the construction will hold. You should only make sure that there is enough distance between the steel anchors so that the ground can also absorb the forces.