Cover for parasols

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Delivery time: 3 – 5 days* Umbrella cover made of truck tarpaulin to protect against dirt and rain, made in Germany

The parasol cover made of stable truck tarpaulin offers protection against dirt and damage to the parasol. Especially when transporting and loading parasols, the parasols must be protected against sharp edges and dirt. But even after a rain, the car and truck can be protected against the moisture of the umbrellas.

The assembly is possible in different ways: After removing the umbrella from the umbrella stand, the umbrella can be placed in the open cover and then easily closed with Velcro.

If the umbrella is still folded up in the umbrella stand, the open cover can simply be slipped over the umbrella and closed with Velcro. The parasol is then protected against rain when closed.

The top seam that sits at the top of the umbrella is extra reinforced to ensure durability.

We always have the color anthracite in stock, but we can offer you special colors. Made in Germany.