Peg 25mm diameter

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Delivery time: 3 – 5 days* Tent peg similar to type 050 made in Germany

The ground anchors for hammering in with a rounded head are often used in the area of ​​marquees, storage tents, but also in the base plates of circus tent masts. Tent nails with a length of 600mm and 800mm are usually used for party tents and small marquees. If the tent has to be heavily supported, longer steel anchors ensure the required penetration depth.

Thanks to the rounded head, there are no sharp edges that could injure you, even when using tools of all kinds. The tent pegs can be pulled out through the heel with a peg puller in the form of a lever or through the pull-out bell and with the help of a forklift.

Compared to a 16mm or 20mm anchor, the 25mm anchor bends much more slowly and thus finds a good grip on hard ground.

The head has a diameter of 45mm. The heel has a diameter of 36mm and a height of 10mm.