Pull-out oarlock for type 050, extra stable - the original

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Delivery time: 3 – 5 days* Tent nail puller in extra durable made in Germany

The extraction oar for type 050 ground anchors, extra durable for daily use in hall and tent construction. Thanks to the exchangeable ring screw, this wear part can be replaced after its service life, but the more expensive part can continue to be used. Another advantage is that the eyebolt can be exchanged for a threaded rod, so it is very easy to attach it to the rear or front loader of a tractor, for example.

If an anchor cannot be brought out despite the high pulling force of a working machine, you can confidently hit the bell with a sledgehammer to loosen the earthen nail.

Please do not be confused by the dimensions given. These relate to the diameter of the attachments of the respective ground anchors. With a 30mm anchor, the heel has a diameter of 43mm, with 35mm it is 51mm and with 40mm it is 58mm.