2 anchor plate for anchors up to 40mm in diameter

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Delivery time: 3 – 5 days* Ground anchors and earth nails "Made in Germany"

2 anchor plate for anchors up to 40mm in diameter.

The anchor plate with two holes can be used, for example, for the small sails in a circus tent. The holes have a diameter of 45mm, so anchors with a diameter of 35 and 40mm can be hammered in there.

The sheet metal is bent at an angle of 45 degrees so that the correct direction of pull to the mast is created. For guidance on how much an anchor holds:

An anchor Ø35x1300mm holds a non-permanent static load (e.g. wind load) of 5.95 kN (at a characteristic level) with a load application angle of <= 45 degrees to the ground in dense, non-cohesive soil, safety according to DIN EN 13782, ie "tent" . For anchor groups, observe the minimum distances between the anchors, these are specified by the anchor plates and evenly distributed.

Price incl. shackle with 3.25 t payload, SF 5 = breaking load of approx. 15t

The plate is delivered untreated as standard, but we are happy to offer you powder-coated and hot-dip galvanized versions for an additional charge.

For larger loads, we are also happy to offer you our 4-point anchor plate and, as a special order, our 6-point anchor plate. The two large load plates can accommodate four or six ground anchors instead of two ground pegs. The anchor plates with four holes are therefore suitable for large tent and awning constructions, roofs, but the large steel plates are also in great demand when salvaging vehicles, for example.