twine nails

Cord nails are also called cord posts or cord rods and are used to attach guide cords that are used in road and garden construction to create paths, walls or roads according to plan. A colored, tear-resistant cord is stretched between the cord irons to indicate the edges when laying stones or paving the road.

As with all our forged tent anchors, the tips of the cord irons are also forged in Germany. On request, we can chamfer the open edge slightly for an additional charge to prevent injuries.

We supply string nails in four standard diameters: 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm

If you have special requests in relation to length or diameter, we can offer them to you from a quantity of 200 pieces.

As a rule, we have large quantities of these items in stock, but if an item is not immediately available from stock, the delivery will be extended by approx. 2 weeks.